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Not much to say about this photo. We were both running when making this shot. We shot more than 200 photos until we made some that we liked. I used a high shutter speed and continuous autofocus. The edit consisted mainly in brightening the sand and making the dark clouds stand apart. LIGHTROOM 90% Photoshop 10%

Used the same settings as the one with the red dress. You can easily tell that they look alike.

An early morning shot in #bali. Mostly used Lightroom to make the sky and water stand out. Nothing too fancy...everything was already there. Lightroom makes it so much easier to use the gradient tools. That's what I always use when I try to make changes to a big area. Lightroom 95% Photoshop 5%

A hard to edit photo although apparently it doesn't look like it. It was shot early in the morning and the water was not that crystal looking. Had to use Lightroom clarity to make it pop. I also changed the saturation of the blues in order to make the red dress stand out. Lightroom 95% Photoshop 5%