Each project has a story.


This story starts three years ago.

We started from scratch, we had our ups and downs(mostly downs), lots of running in circle, (sometimes backwards), but we managed to reach this milestone, where the platform is live.

A platform that is as different from the first idea as it is close to what we love.

At first we started in one direction, then switched to where we would use it for ourselves…then we tried to make it in such a way that many could use it.

Here is what we love most about :

Beautiful Home Page Wall

A single "Settings Page" from where you control more getting lost in so many screens and options


Resizable on mobile. I personally hated when the mobile website looked way different from the desktop version. We tried our best to make it look very similar

Beautiful designed posts. Believe me…it looks much better here. The images will surely “POP”. Give it a try…

Beautiful Profile Page

All Black & White Profile Page by design. If you are a B&W content creator, you’ll love this

Customizable Profile Page (this is really nice… we’ll add more styles soon…)

FULL use of THE absolute BEST sharing Tool. Here you can share anything… everywhere… Isn’t this what the sharing idea was all about in the first place?

All the other cool stuff: likes, hashtags, tags, emoji

The team is small.

Concept, Architecture, Design, UX, Development, Testing, Infrastructure, Administration we’ve done it all… learned it from scratch most of the time , but we tried to and in my opinion succeeded to build something that truly revives the joy of watching beautiful content on LARGE screen monitors.

Finally! No more neck pain from bending over the phone(don’t worry it works perfectly on any modern phone too).

Of course we need your help for this.


You scrolled this way down…what can I say… I’m impressed… didn’t think you had it in you.

If you would like to help us in any way, you can buy us a beer, or better yet… post a nice photo on the wall.

I will surely give it a look.

Thank you!


Paul - Founder / Traveler / Photographer / Computer Geek / Husband

Please remember that the platform is an early release(beta version). I am positive that there are some bugs out there, that need to be exterminated and we are constantly doing our best to improve our service and add as many features as we can. Please contact us for any suggestions or inquiries.